Libya, Africa, and Africom: an ongoing disaster

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Libya, Africa, and Africom: an ongoing disaster

New ! „Democrats of NATO, CIA, UN, NTC want war instead of elections

NATO media and secret services and US -grown Al CAIda did provide a theater piece of uprise, which in fact was a planned war of USA against Libya and other „soviet client states“ according to former US Presidency candidate and US General Wesley Clark:

They wanted to kill Gaddafi because he would win any election !

From 17.06 – 19.07  4 millions demonstrated against NATO+ its rebels and with Gaddafi, i.e. 80 percent of Libyans – that is why NATO wants war instead of offered democratic elections supervised by UN!

Huge green Pro-Gaddafi-Demonstrations everywhere:   

Huge Pro Gaddafi Demo in Zawia – English CNN:

Gaddafi speech in Sirte:

Gaddafi speech Abu Salim 28.7.11 English subtitles:

Gaddafi Drives Through on The Streets of Trilpoi during NATO bombardment campaign, watch the beautiful town and people on the streets greeting him when they recognize him – this is like an election:

The real Libyan democracy:
National Conference for Libyan Tribes supports Gaddafi, Tripoli 5 May 2

huge pro gaddafi demo Al Khoums

Still in doubt because of the uprising people you have seen? Watch this:
US up-rise and fake revolution organizer OTPOR:

Still in doubt because of the many fighting people you have seen?
Be aware who did create them:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that the USA created Al Qaeda/Jihadis/Mujahedin

“The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings….The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books,..”, (Washington Post, 23 March 2002)

US-made extremists for Afghan-Bosnia-Chechenya-Jemen-Libya-Syria

US-geschaffene Extremisten für die NATO-Kriege in Afghanistan, Bosnien, Chechenien, Jemen, Libyen, Syrien

“Advertisements, paid for from CIA funds, were placed in newspapers and newsletters around the world offering inducements and motivations to join the [Islamic] Jihad.” (Pervez Hoodbhoy, Peace Research, 1 May 2005) Source:
The CIA’s Islamist Terrorist Network

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responsible for 60,000 killed Libyans and Africans and the destruction of a country on the top of the human rights index of the UN:
„We Came, We Saw, he Died“ – including two sons and three grand-children of Gaddafi

and the same happens in Syria now:

  1. 08oo sagt:

    USA wars today, are fake „humanitarian wars“ and work in short this way: Sending or creating death squads and uprising, blame the government murderer, call the death squads freedom figthers, which than gain victory with NATO airforce by carpet bombing any government forces. Also important: Bombing water and power plants, gas pipes, telecommunications and civilians to urge people to surrender or accept regime change.

    From the Training Circular No. 18-01, US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School; 30 Nov 2010 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare (UW):

    „There is another type of warfare—new in its intensity, ancient in its origin—war by guerrillas, subversives, insurgents, assassins; war by ambush instead of by combat, by
    infiltration instead of aggression, seeking victory by eroding and exhausting the enemy
    instead of engaging him. It preys on unrest.“

    or: 1-1. The intent of U.S. Unconventional Warfare efforts is to exploit a hostile power’s political, military, economic, and psychological vulnerabilities by developing and sustaining resistance forces to accomplish U.S. strategic objectives.“

  2. Stan Sandona sagt:

    There is a real demand for an alternative to the existing right wing media Cartel. It is a fact that the largest part of the world’s news provision is owned by right wing capitalists. Their purpose is to spread the virus of capitalism and retain the world’s gap between wealthy and poor. Left Insider provides left wing news from reliable sites like Left Futures and Buzz Feed etc. We all have the right to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the duty to assist others achieve theirs.

thanks for your comment !

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