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The Chaos In Iraq Is By DESIGN.


Assad-Interview + noch ne Medienmanipulation

Arcadians Blog

am 01.06.2013 auf The Information Space

Übersetzung: Steven Black

Liebe Leute, Baschar al Assad ist zu bewundern, mit welcher Nonchalance er mit den Fragen umgeht. Dieser Kerl hat sein Bewusstsein durch die Krise gestärkt, was jeder beim lesen entdecken kann. Und er ist ein sehr kluger Kopf, der nicht so schnell ein X für ein U ansieht ..

Unsere Ösi BILDZeitung(KRONE) titelte heute:

2013-06-01 14.53.20<- der Mann hat NICHTS dergleichen gesagt!  Wie ihr euch gleich selbst überzeugen könnt. Aber daß kennen wir eh schon, aus dem Kontext reißen ist beliebt ..

PS.: Die Ansprache zu Beginn ist fürs TV Publikum gedacht. Das Video selbst ist ganz am Ende eingebettet.


Übersetzung von Steven Black:

Al-Manar: Im Namen Allah, des Mitleidsvollen, des Barmherzigen. Assalamu Alaikum. Das Blutvergießen in Syrien geht unvermindert weiter. Das ist die einzige Konstante, über die es wenig Unstimmigkeit zwischen denjenigen gibt, die gegenüber dem syrischen Staat loyal sind, und…

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Reports for the EU-Parliament about Fascism technologiesBigBrother

It sounds like preparation of repression of the European people. Reports and studies provided for the EU-Parliament:

All original links (URLs)  from 1999 do no longer work, except prison technologies, active report links are provided:

10/1999          Interception Capabilities 2000 (Überwachungs- und Abhörmöglichkeiten) (PDF 1026 KB)

Interception Capabilities 2000STOA 19981401_2_en

(1999/14/01/B)        07/2000    Prison technologies (Gefängnistechnologien)  EU Parliament STOA Study Prison Technologies

(1999/14/01/A)        06/2000    Crowd control technologies  (Technologien zur Eindämmung von Massenaufständen)

EU Study Crowd Control Technologies

Annex 01: Crowd Control Technologies (An Appraisal of Technologies for Political Control)

EU Parliament STOA Study: Mass Surveillance

Study : Mass Surveillance – Part 2: Technology foresight, options for longer term security and privacy improvements

Annex 1: Mass Surveillance – Part 2: Technology foresight, options for longer term security and privacy improvements

Find here a video which praises the microwave weapon  for Crowd control :

A comment there says: „I talked to a scientist just today who confirms that this device will basically turn your eyes into hard-boiled eggs. It fries the wet cornea- the surface of your eyeball. Look up „Active Denial“ on Wikipedia.“

(2000/01/01)        05/2001    New Technologies in Defence Policy and Conflict Management: a Challenge for the EU ???

Some highlights (excerpts) from an article with this title, with I regard as one of the few articles of substantial importance during the last and next ten years:


„The NATO countries subscribed to a plan to pour $4.1b annually into the 228,000-strong Afghan Army over the coming decade or longer, with a third of the funds coming from the US. There has to be a serious explanation behind the generosity ….“


„The truth is that the game played out in Afghanistan revolves around more than just geopolitical or any legitimate economic interests. Its economic dimension involves a purely criminal component related to the drug business and to oil. Peter Dale Scott wrote in his “Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina”: “Drug networks are important factors in the politics of every continent. The United States returns repeatedly to the posture of fighting wars in areas of petroleum reserves with the aid of drug-trafficking allies – drug proxies – with which it has a penchant to become involved”.


The reality is that the main groups of drug dealers in the country are the militant groups which act as partners of the government forces, that is, of Washington’s allies. Moreover, the groups in Columbia are descendants of the CIA-created terrorist formations originally invented to fight the local left. In other words, in Columbia and Afghanistan, Washington is currently fighting against the forces it unleashed.


The writings by P. Scott – and also by D. Ganser – vividly expose NATO as a drug-trafficking and terrorist organization in the guise of an alliance of peacekeepers. The views found therein apply entirely to the world of today. The fact that the four Central Asian republics were invited to the NATO summit in Chicago fits with the wider strategy of creating drug trade zones in the proximity of energy transit routes and of allowing the drug mafia to handle the political situations in the respective regions. The key drug-trafficking roots which start from Afghanistan traverse Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, further stretching to Russia.


„. Swiss researcher D. Ganser supplied evidence in “NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe” that the first secret armies supposed to engage in terrorist activities were formed and took to action in West Europe immediately following World War II. On admission to NATO, European leaders had to sign secret protocols obliging their governments to guarantee the countries‘ pro-Western orientation by any means and regardless of the preferences of the electorate.

The drug activities of the US – and the US-led NATO – are tightly linked with the NATO expansion and the creation of US military bases in the protectorates established along the drug-trafficking and pipeline routes.“


The US never waged a war on drugs, but always fought the war in which drugs served as a weapon. As long as NATO continues to exist, drug cropping and trade will be booming around the world. Industrial-scale production of opiates was completely absent in Afghanistan prior to the advent of the international coalition in 2001. As for the Chicago summit, it has to be understood that the US and NATO will never in the full sense of the word leave Afghanistan.




According to the „US Embassy – Tripoli Libya security incidents since June 2011“, which may not include everything it looks terrible.



According to the ONLINE JOURNAL of „Strategic Culture Foundation“: “ the US intelligence community launched its first drug attacks against Russia in the early 1990ies, an epoch when drastic reforms were bleeding Russia’s law enforcement agencies and the borders of the formerly insulated country became easy to cross for envoys of Western drug cartels.“

After the war against Afghanistan, immediately after the year the Taliban did ban very sucessfully plantation of Opium for religious reasons, Opium production did rise much higher than ever before: „Afghanistan’s drug output rose by almost a factor of 50 and reached the equivalent of 190-200 billion of heroine dozes annually, the number roughly 30 times greater than the global population. Drug laboratories occasionally superior in equipment to global pharmaceutical companies proliferated across Afghanistan under the protection of NATO and the US DEA.

The aim: „Weakening the country regarded as a potential enemy by spreading substance abuse among its population – the younger people, the military, the intellectuals – is a priority of the Empire which seeks to reduce Russia’s human potential.“

More details in the original article:



The DEA as a coordinator of drug trafficking in Latin America

Nil NIKANDROV | 03.11.2012 | 12:00 DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of the Department of Justice of the USA).

Libya, Africa, and Africom: an ongoing disaster

New ! „Democrats of NATO, CIA, UN, NTC want war instead of elections

NATO media and secret services and US -grown Al CAIda did provide a theater piece of uprise, which in fact was a planned war of USA against Libya and other „soviet client states“ according to former US Presidency candidate and US General Wesley Clark:

They wanted to kill Gaddafi because he would win any election !

From 17.06 – 19.07  4 millions demonstrated against NATO+ its rebels and with Gaddafi, i.e. 80 percent of Libyans – that is why NATO wants war instead of offered democratic elections supervised by UN!

Huge green Pro-Gaddafi-Demonstrations everywhere:   

Huge Pro Gaddafi Demo in Zawia – English CNN:

Gaddafi speech in Sirte:

Gaddafi speech Abu Salim 28.7.11 English subtitles:

Gaddafi Drives Through on The Streets of Trilpoi during NATO bombardment campaign, watch the beautiful town and people on the streets greeting him when they recognize him – this is like an election:

The real Libyan democracy:
National Conference for Libyan Tribes supports Gaddafi, Tripoli 5 May 2

huge pro gaddafi demo Al Khoums

Still in doubt because of the uprising people you have seen? Watch this:
US up-rise and fake revolution organizer OTPOR:

Still in doubt because of the many fighting people you have seen?
Be aware who did create them:

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that the USA created Al Qaeda/Jihadis/Mujahedin

“The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings….The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books,..”, (Washington Post, 23 March 2002)

US-made extremists for Afghan-Bosnia-Chechenya-Jemen-Libya-Syria

US-geschaffene Extremisten für die NATO-Kriege in Afghanistan, Bosnien, Chechenien, Jemen, Libyen, Syrien

“Advertisements, paid for from CIA funds, were placed in newspapers and newsletters around the world offering inducements and motivations to join the [Islamic] Jihad.” (Pervez Hoodbhoy, Peace Research, 1 May 2005) Source:
The CIA’s Islamist Terrorist Network

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responsible for 60,000 killed Libyans and Africans and the destruction of a country on the top of the human rights index of the UN:
„We Came, We Saw, he Died“ – including two sons and three grand-children of Gaddafi

and the same happens in Syria now: