US Drug War Against Russia Waged From the Asian Foothold

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According to the ONLINE JOURNAL of „Strategic Culture Foundation“: “ the US intelligence community launched its first drug attacks against Russia in the early 1990ies, an epoch when drastic reforms were bleeding Russia’s law enforcement agencies and the borders of the formerly insulated country became easy to cross for envoys of Western drug cartels.“

After the war against Afghanistan, immediately after the year the Taliban did ban very sucessfully plantation of Opium for religious reasons, Opium production did rise much higher than ever before: „Afghanistan’s drug output rose by almost a factor of 50 and reached the equivalent of 190-200 billion of heroine dozes annually, the number roughly 30 times greater than the global population. Drug laboratories occasionally superior in equipment to global pharmaceutical companies proliferated across Afghanistan under the protection of NATO and the US DEA.

The aim: „Weakening the country regarded as a potential enemy by spreading substance abuse among its population – the younger people, the military, the intellectuals – is a priority of the Empire which seeks to reduce Russia’s human potential.“

More details in the original article:



The DEA as a coordinator of drug trafficking in Latin America

Nil NIKANDROV | 03.11.2012 | 12:00 DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of the Department of Justice of the USA).

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